OH OH - Brittany Stykes, 22, pregnant, Georgetown, 28 Aug 2013

There must be more to this story. BBM

Investigators have recently said they think they know who killed Stykes. They wouldn't say who, only that it was someone who was owed money. Investigators said the killer wanted to make a point but added neither Brittany or her husband Shane, was the person who owed the killer.

Read More at: http://local12.com/news/features/to...in-Brittany-Stykes-investigation-209128.shtml

SS must have owed a LOT of $$$$$$.

Per the article, it was not Shane who owed the money
The "old man" could be someone's father? Or the unnamed killer could have told his girlfriend he killed Brittany due to a debt but maybe he really had other reasons for the murder he did not want to disclose.

My thought was that it might be her father they wanted to get back at, not her husband.

This is one of the weirdest cases I've read about in quite a while.
My thought was that it might be her father they wanted to get back at, not her husband.

This is one of the weirdest cases I've read about in quite a while.
My thought as well, and possibly the reason behind her husband's unwillingness to let them see their Granddaughter.
Somehow I missed that point from investigators that neither BS nor SS was the person who owed money.

Does this mean that the shooter owed money to someone, and was repaying a debt to kill BS? As Tillicum said, there has to be more to this story. Some background info that we are not privy to because we still do not have a motive for why BS was killed.

According to a recent article:

"He (the killer) knew exactly who she (BS) was, the witness said.
"The (informant) stated that the victim was ‘Brit’ and (shooting her) was payback for her ‘old man’ not paying (him) money that he owed,” the affidavit states.
The informant told police someone paid Stykes’ killer two payments of $10,000 to perform the hit, and that killer was a man with a lot of experience and secrets."


The "informant" was only repeating what the killer told her, he could have made up anything as to why he killed Brittany. Maybe he wanted her dead for his own reasons but didn't want the girlfriend to know the reasons. The "informer" is a witness to the murder. Why Brittany was killed could be any reason, but we know it wasn't a mistake. The target was Brittany.
Oh my do we have a thread for Michaela Briede?

Accusations by an informant who said her ex-boyfriend was a paid hitman has detectives in multiple murder cases chasing new leads including a cold case in Ft. Mitchell.

Investigators for Ft. Mitchell police confirmed they are looking into allegations that the murder of Michaela Briede in May of 2013 is tied to the same man implicated in at least three other murders.

If I was the witness/girlfriend of the POI getting out of jail, I would leave town right now.

Authorities in Brown County are re-energizing the investigation into the killing of Brittany Stykes.

Law enforcement officials released details into the steps being made to reinforce the investigation at a press conference Tuesday morning.

"For the last three and a half years, this case has plagued the community, the law enforcement in this community, but most of all Brittany's family," said Brown County Prosecuting Attorney Zac Corbin. "This case has remained a priority that entire time."
Any new info? I did a quick search for TLL (named suspect) and all I found was a meth conviction from 2015, after the last post... I will dig more on my computer. The majority I find with my phone is a tattoo artist with the same name.
I just watched a new show on this case tonight:


Still a Mystery
The Silent Witnesses
Season 6

True Crime
61 mins, TV14, Repeat, HD, Captioned
A young woman on a trip to her father's homeland goes missing, then turns up brutally murdered. Another young mother and her baby are shot as they drive along a highway.

Apparently, it is still unsolved. It does not seem like her husband is a suspect anymore.

The witness who had come forward to accuse her ex boyfriend---apparently police could not conform or corroborate her study so they moved on from that suspect.
I had never heard of this case until the Still a Mystery episode. Hoping this one gets solved!!

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