GUILTY OH - Cindy Beuerlein, 15, brutally murdered, West Chester, 13 June 1974

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    Info on the case:
    The announcement of an arrest came 27 years to the day from when Beuerlein's body was found in a ditch in West Chester Township. She turned 15 three days before she died, Echarri reported.

    The update: The judge declared Craft incompetent to stand trial. He will now return to prison where he will serve out the rest of a 25 year sentence. Craft is first eligible for parole in three years.

    The history: If you watch the video at the wkrc link, they tell that in his trial for the murder of his wife in 1992, it took yrs to get him into court and he also claimed incompetence at time, though unsuccessfully.
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    (no date on article)

    Last Update: 8/14/2007 9:32 pm

    Rest in Peace Cindy.

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