GUILTY OH - David Chandler, 35, fatally shot, Cincinnati, 28 Oct 2010

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    Judge Says Blinking Video Will Be Allowed in Murder Trial

    A Hamilton County Judge has denied a motion to keep a key piece of evidence from being used in a murder trial. The decision by Judge Beth Meyers means jurors deciding whether to convict 32 year old Ricardo Woods of murder will get to see a video in which the victim identifies Woods as his assailant, with a series of blinks.


    Ricardo Woods, 33, was charged with murder in the shooting death last year of David Chandler. Police interviewed Chandler while he was hooked up to a ventilator, paralyzed after being shot in the head and neck last Oct. 28 as he sat in a car. Chandler, 35, died about two weeks later.

    Chandler and Woods knew each other because they were involved in drug deals, said Hamilton County authorities who also said that Chandler identified Woods' photo by blinking.
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