OH - Pike County: 8 people from one family dead as police hunt for killer(s) #4

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I've also seen shock collars to prevent dogs from barking which May explain why guard dogs didn't bark.

That's a clever thought. Also, my grandfather raised hunting dogs and they would normally only bay if a person was in their field of vision.
They could also have been waiting in the unlikely event that LEO was shot/injured.
Posted between the 2 scenes.
I have no idea the time of day either.
Here a coroner van takes bodies away, there I believe it would be an ambulance.

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I know here, if there's a murder or suicidal situation, they will have rescue personnel stage near the scene but not directly on it until the scene is cleared by law enforcement. They may only have one coroner vehicle so that would make sense why so many ambulances "just waiting around".
Okay, so I've located the elusive full video of LM's impromptu roadside interview.

LM provides a version of BJM's actions on the morning of 4-22.

The 5:10 video is at this link:


Here is a transcript of the video that appears to have been transcribed by a poster:

Leonard Manley

Reporter: How close are you to the crimescenes?

Leonard: Half a mile

Reporter: What has it been like to experience all of this?

Leonard: Well if you really wanna know, that's my daughter and all of them laying up there, and they won't do nothing about it.
They impounded my boy's truck, I mean...

Reporter: Do you have any idea why someone would do this?

Leonard:Well, let's put it this way, I think, you know I ain't gonna say right now.
I'm gonna give them an hour, and if they don't release that truck and stuff then I'm gonna say a couple of words.Thank you

Reporter: What was the truck?

Leonard: Huh?

Reporter: What do you think you'll do if they don't release the truck?

Leonard:Not my truck, my boy's truck. Now he went out there and (inaudible) (something about his tag off) and they said it was, that he could leave it up there. Okay..
They let my daughter and my grandson take their cars, okay?
Saturday evening we had a big conflict up here with the deputies and things some of them were ...... I mean pure ....

Reporter: Leonard, which victim are you related to?

Leonard: Dana

Reporter: You're related to Dana she is your...

Leonard: Daughter

Reporter: She's your daughter? Did you have any suspicion at all that your...

Leonard: Well, I ain't gonna say, cause it's gonna interfere with them out there.
I, let's put it this way, I give them two chances, and I give them a chance Saturday and I asked DeWayne over there at the church in front of 150 people but you need to... If you want some information you need to go down to the Lawshe nursing home and talk to the people down there.

Reporter: Did your daughter ever fear for her safety up here?

Leonard: Well, I ain't gonna say that neither. I promised them I'd wait an hour.

Reporter: Leonard, what would you want people to know about your daughter?

Leonard: Well, she'd give you the shirt off your back. She worked hard and she took care of the old people in the nursing home, went to people's houses. I mean if you want anything on my daughter go to Peebles ask anyone how close the family was.
I mean you know, there's alot of things that's been covered up right here in Pike County.

Reporter: Leonard, what's been covered up? What do you think?

Leonard: No No I can't say that... yet.

Reporter: Tell us how you found out the news about your daughter.

Leonard: Well, my daughter feeds them animals out there every morning, Bobbi Jo the one that made the 911 call. She got the key to the place. She went in found my grandson and his girlfriend dead. Went down found my son in law and his cousin dead. Then she come out and got me and I went out there and my boy went to my daughter's house and they found them. My daughter, her daughter and her son.

Reporter: Who's home was your daughter in, was she in her home or

Leonard: She was in her home that she just bought.

Reporter: They just bought it. Okay

Reporter: How's the family holding up right now? How are you doing?

Leonard: Well, let's put it this way, you know was in my shoes and they come to your house at 3:30 in the morning after questioning your daughter and your son and your grandson and say we're going to take you back over there for more questioning. Now how would you feel? Then they tell you that you can leave your truck sitting there and it's okay and then they tow him.
Reporter:What would you like to tell if the person or persons is watching this tonight. What do you want to tell the persons responsible?

Leonard: Well, I think they're a bunch of scumbags.

Reporter: Do you think it's possible for someone to drive up this road and commit this without anyone seeing anything?

Leonard: Well, let's put it this way, it's really possible and you know whoever done it knew the family,cause there was two dogs there that would eat you up. I ain't gonna say no more.

Reporter: What's your last name Leonard?

Leonard: Manley

Reporter: M a n l e y?

Reporter: Are you worried about any other members of your family?

Leonard: Well, let's put it this way, you know, I asked the Sheriff and Senator whatever you want to call it over there at the church I didn't get no answer and I told him in front of 150 people that I (inaudible) my gun and if (inaudible) come to my house he kicks on the door and if he (inaudible) or something... Look out.

Reporter: Thanks Leonard thank you

I don't seem to be able to provide a direct link to the post where I found it, but it is on Thread #2 on 4-26 at 11:01 AM in a post by winterrose.
Do you think it's a legit business that physically exists or a shell/fake company? I'm looking at your link and it almost looks like a shell company. Shell companies can be used for money laundering and to set up bookkeeping/paper trails for what looks like legit businesses but the money is from illegal business (drugs).

I live close to the address listed for this business.

Edited: I do know where this is. It's up 104 further than I was thinking. Several people have owned it over the years.
Her Father was only a half mile away. I would first run next door to Frankie's, not in anyway assuming he would be dead, too while calling Dad or 911.

One of the deceased was Frankie's father. I can imagine that I would avoid being the person who delivered the bad news, and also assuming that both he and my sister were still alive, wanting to tell HER first.
I apologize if this has already been mentioned, I didn't see it.

BJM has a mishandling of a firearm charge + an assault charge from 2010. (Not in Pike County)
She had to complete anger management classes and the charges were reduced.
So here is where my head is this morning in reference to the 911 call and BJM. (Disclosure : I have only had minimal coffee)

What if BJM went in the house saw the blood and then backed out. Instead of calling 911 right away she called her dad to come look with her ?
That would explain her time gap and also someone being there.

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I was just awoken by the 911 call playing from my phone. Idk what would have made it start playing. It was laying next to me on the charger. Weird. Strange way to wake up. Lol
It's been five days since the bodies of seven adults and a teenage boy were found shot in their homes in the hills near Piketon, a poor Appalachian Mountain town roughly 80 miles east of Cincinnati. Authorities say they've interviewed more than 50 people but haven't made arrests or confirmed a motive for the slayings.

"I assume the person or the people who committed these murders are watching the news reports about Pike County," state Attorney General Mike DeWine said. "I do not intend or want to broadcast any information that would let them know details about this investigation."

No, it does NOT say that she found all four before calling 911. It says she found four bodies. I'd contend that she found two bodies before calling 911. Then, while waiting for LE to arrive, she found the other two bodies. Finding all four before calling 911, but not mentioning two of them during the 911 call, makes no sense, IMO.

Not gonna lie...this whole rabbit hole is silly. We have heard the 911 call. Why would she lie when clearly in shock and horror of just finding two bodies? What would be the point of "ok, lemme call 911 and get them here but only tell them about 2 bodies but not the other 2 bodies and 2 children 500 yards away". But then as soon as they show up "OH MY...here are 2 more bodies that I knew about but didn't tell you about until this very second".

Occam's razor applies here, imo, of course. The discrepancies comes with a horrific situation being relayed third and fourth hand and then being written as fast as possible to get the story out before anyone else.
Last night I read what I take to be a threat to remaining Rhodens. The site is a notorious gossip pit and I'm not sure I can post the link to it. Did anyone else see this?
That discrepancy and 3 am accusing her of killing them makes more sense.

Without some discrepancy, that 3 am aggressive questioning was just mean.

If she worked for Chris...dog and chicken feeding...why would she walk into Frankie and Hannah's trailer at 7am???? JMO
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader are warning the public of a scam that attempts to profit off the Pike County slaying case. i
The Pike County Sheriff's Office received information from a resident saying he received a call from a man indicating he was with the sheriff's office and was soliciting a donation to benefit the victims in the multiple murder case. These calls are not from the sheriff's office.


So annoying that people do this. :(
Last night I read what I take to be a threat to remaining Rhodens. The site is a notorious gossip pit and I'm not sure I can post the link to it. Did anyone else see this?

Not really posting much on this one. But if you see it still, you might forward it in.
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