OH - Priscilla Code, 48, raped & murdered, Warren, 15 Jan 1994

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    WARREN, Ohio -- A man pleaded not guilty to raping and killing a woman 13 years ago after authorities said he was linked to the crimes through a DNA test.

    William Gunther, 35, was arrested last month in Miami and was returned Friday to Ohio, where he entered his pleas in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court. He's charged in the death of Priscilla Code, 48, who was found shot to death on a snowy street on Jan. 15, 1994.

    Authorities said Gunther was linked to Code's death through a national DNA databank.

    Prison inmates and convicted felons are required to give a DNA sample upon release or conviction, and profiles from samples are stored in a federal database. Gunther was in an Ohio prison from August 1996 to April 2004 for attempted felonious assault.


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    Bet he thought he had gotten away with murder didn't he!? Just goes to show that DNA can work two ways....it can set you free after you have been found guilty and sent to prison or it can nail you years later. Glad this guy was busted. I hope that this lady's family has finally found some peace over the death of their daughter...mother, etc.
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