OH OH- Roy T. Haynes, 44, Fairmount, 15 May 2019 *Critical missing/known to hide in woods

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    Police seek 'critical' missing man in Fairmount area

    Police are looking for a "critical missing" man who was last seen after he jumped out of a vehicle at the intersection of Harrison and Fairmount avenues May 15.

    Roy T. Haynes, 44, is a chronic runaway with autism and is known to hide in the wooded area of Fairmount, according to police. After jumping out the the vehicle, he took off running toward Queen City Avenue.

    Haynes is 5'10" and 165 pounds, white with a medium build, brown eyes and short hair, police said. He was last seen wearing a black long-sleeve polo shirt, dark blue jeans and brown boots. He may have a pocket knife on him, but police said he's not considered a hazard to officers.

    Police asked anyone with information about Haynes' whereabouts to call police dispatch at 513-765-1212 or Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.
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    Oh Lord, Please wrap this man up in your love and protection. Please bring him home safe and sound.
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    poor guy must be so scared
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