OH - Ruth Case, 87, & Betty Lutkehaus, 67, murdered, Butler County, 2005

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    A man who told police that he killed his wife and sister described the victims as ill and in pain and also said that he had financial difficulties trying to care for them.

    Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper says Richard Lutkehaus, 76, of Hamilton said his wife, Betty Jean, 67, was suffering from severe heart disease.

    He said his sister Ruth Case, 87, had Alzheimer's disease.

    Was it mercy killing, pre-meditated murder, or both? An elderly man sits in the Butler County Jail Monday night charged with two counts of aggravated murder. Richard Lutkehaus was arraigned in court Monday. The 76 year-old is accused of killing his 67 year-old wife who had heart problems, and his 87 year-old half-sister who suffered with alzheimers. Local 12 shows us why prosecutors plan to treat the case in Hamilton like any other murder, no matter the motivation.
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