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GUILTY OH - Steven Spade, 19, decapitated, body burned, Akron, 4 Feb 2005

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by PrayersForMaura, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. PrayersForMaura

    PrayersForMaura Help Find Maura Murray

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    Prosecution case thin, defense says

    Trial of last defendant in murder and beheading revolves around theory that he controlled others

    How does one unarmed man built like Barney Fife coerce four others to take part in a sadistic killing?
    Why does the victim's classmate eagerly join in, beating his friend and aiding in mutilating his body?
    Why does the victim's cousin stand by and watch?
    And why does a 6-foot, 300-pound man with a gun in his pocket say he was so afraid of the slender Patrick Shane Rafferty that he helped kill and dismember Steven Spade?

    While trials sometimes provide answers, the more that is revealed about Spade's murder, the more incomprehensible it becomes.

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  3. Goody

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    Well, this is rich! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, this girl gets po'd and rats out the boyfriend and finds herself in prison right along with the others involved. That's getting even alright! Sheesh. Well, the good news is that she won't ever be on a jury. LOL!
  4. OkieGranny

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    Really good feature article on the case, from April 2006:

    The sentences: news/2006/04/26/woman-sentenced-in-cousins-murder-decapitation


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