Deceased/Not Found OH - Tammy 'TJ' Campbell, 33, Grove City, June 1999 *G. Robinson guilty*

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    Authorities in southeastern Ohio are searching a property for signs of a missing Central Ohio woman.

    Tammy "TJ" Campbell was reported missing in June 1999. She was living in Grove City with her boyfriend Gary Robinson at the time of her disappearance.

    Basically what I am reading is that Tammy Campbell and her son lived with Tammy's boyfriend named Robinson. Tammy dropped her son off with a friend one day and never came back. When she had been gone a few days the friend went to police and tried to report her missing. Police wouldn't take the report. Finally about a week later police took the report. Robinson never reported her missing.

    Police are doing some searches now. Now a shirt has been found that is believed to have been one of her shirts. It was found on property owned by one of Robinson's relative's.

    Robinson was imprisoned years later for biting off a finger of his stepdaughter's hand.
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