OH OH - William 'Bill' Comeans, 14, Columbus, 7 Jan 1980 - #2

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Oct 31, 2008
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I always miss being home for Christmas. It is my favorite time of year.


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Thanks! Very good podcast and summary of the case. I haven't been here in a while, but I'll try to bookmark this thread and see if there's more online sleuthing I can help with.

I think the theories offered are viable and agree the auto-erotic asphyxiation is a non-starter. No evidence to support it.

Feedback from LE would be very helpful WRT what's still in evidence, test results, etc. Bill's family deserves some answers and closure.

It seems also like we're back to two main theories - bullying gone extreme and accidental death. I'm still thinking it's the first. Teenagers do weird things when bullying others. When they gang up on someone, they're not always going to be throwing punches. Like immature bullies, they'll hold someone down and inflict bizarre forms of torture on them - spitting in their face, suffocation, rubbing foul stuff in their face, etc. Bill obviously felt intimidated by these people and would be a target for revenge if he told a grown up or principal. I also like the theory TCG discussed of bullies cornering him, strangling him with the scarf, then taking off when someone approached.

Yeah, the police need to sit down with Bill's family and go over the evidence they do have so the family knows where the investigation stands. Someone out there knows what happened and hopefully they'll come forward some day.


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May 26, 2006
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Just to clarify:
I don't believe the murder took place in the Village of New Rome (now dissolved). I don't think New Rome's "city" limits went all the way back to the railroad tracks.
If it happened back near the railroad tracks, it was likely in an unincorporated area and out of New Rome's jurisdiction. This would make the investigating agency the Franklin County (Ohio) Sheriff's office - which has been the agency mentioned in all the news articles.

Edit to add: New Rome's actual population was 50-60 people. It's limits were designed to stretch along Rt 40 to enforce a lower speed limit (35 mph vs. 45 mph everywhere else), rather than to include many of the homes located either north or south of Rt 40. Rt. 40 was a primary US road before the interstate system added I-70 which paralleled Rt 40. New Rome maintained a full police force and two fairly new police cars at all times due to the "speed trap" revenue they made along Rt 40. I used to drive through there several times a day when I lived in the area. More than once I was pulled over for a missing front license plate. In each case, when the officer checked the car, the license plate he "didn't see" was on my car.

New Rome was eventually disbanded due to massive corruption (mainly people siphoning off money it seems). I doubt New Rome law enforcement had any investigative powers in this case.

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Jan 28, 2020
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Well here it is February 2020...still no justice for Bill...I've a child and god forbid this happen to her because Ohio Police would dread seeing my face because I'd be knocking on their doors and fighting for justice...I can't imagine what this poor family has been going through...no closure...no peace...
Are the parents still alive? So glad the Sister and brothers haven't stopped...

So what about the DNA testing ? What do they draw victimes names from a damn hat?? Its been years that they told this family they'd do DNA....
Something isn't jiving here...

Where's the bag ect that was used on Bill in the other attempt? There's way to many holes in this case...

Same with the Kelly Ann Prosser case...not to mention. A few other cases.. They done DNA for Jessica Keen and found her killer...after 40 years they found Christie Mullins killer...Whoever this dispicible, Satan's Spawn is hes out there...getting old, maybe killed again or maybe even dead...This family needs closure and Bill needs Justice .....