OK - Pedro, 45, & Ricardo Banuelas, 14, murdered, Oklahoma City, 24 May 2016

Discussion in 'Crimes in the News' started by OkieGranny, May 31, 2016.

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    It would be hard for someone to shoot both of them through a window and kill both of them.
    Not impossible but difficult because as soon as one shot goes off the other person would likely run for cover.

    I think it is more likely that someone was already in the house with them and shot them both. It may have been the same person whoever assualted them since the article talks about an assault.

    Not a lot of information to go on. I think whoever did this knew them and was already inside.

    Here are the points from link that make me think along these lines

    "Police said there were no signs of forced entry into the home."

    “Both victims had been assaulted"

    "Authorities said family members found the two victims in the main living area of the home."


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