OK - Roger Minter, 59, found murdered, Red Bird, Oct 2005

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    Police in Coweta received help over the weekend after a homicide suspect sporting tattoos of swastikas fled into a predominantly black town and was chased back out. It happened in the Wagoner County town of Red Bird, about 25 miles southeast of Tulsa. NewsChannel 8's Bill Mitchell went to Red Bird Tuesday and spoke to residents who say there is a lot more to this story.

    Police later found the body of Roger Minter, who Bly is accused of killing. His body was found in a field behind a burned out Red Bird home.

    Coweta police say after Bly's arrest, he was taken to a local hospital to have stitches placed in his scalp. He also has a few Louisville Slugger bruises all over his body. He remains in the Wagoner County Jail and will make a court appearance Wednesday on a charge of first-degree murder.
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