GUILTY OK - Skyler Roininen, 23 mos, dies of head trauma, Jenks, 27 March 2008

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    This time it is the girfriend who is being charged. She insists that she is innocent.

    Jenks woman to face murder trial in toddler's death

    A Jenks woman must face a murder trial in the death of her boyfriend's toddler son, a judge ruled Thursday.

    At a preliminary hearing, Tulsa County Special Judge David Youll ordered Ashley Parnell held on a first-degree murder charge in the March 28 death of Skylar Roininen.

    The 23-month-old boy — whose name is listed as Skyler in some records — had an 8-inch skull fracture. A medical examiner said the cause of death was blunt head trauma.

    Skylar's father, Robert Roininen, said he and Parnell lived in Jenks on March 2, the day the boy was taken by ambulance to a Tulsa hospital.
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    Poor baby. May he rest in peace.

    This is an interesting story. The way it is reported, I get the feeling that the paper was trying to imply that she is covering for her boyfriend. She "insisted" that she was the only one there, but it is quite obvious both adults were in the house......

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    By BILL BRAUN World Staff Writer
    Published: 2/12/2009 9:30 AM
    Last Modified: 2/12/2009 11:43 AM

    Jurors who deliberated more than nine hours handed Ashley Parnell, 26, a life prison sentence and a $5,000 fine for the first-degree murder of Skyler Roininen.

    The verdict was returned early Thursday in District Judge Clancy Smith's court.

    The life term requires Parnell to serve at least 38 years and three months before she is eligible for parole or release from prison.

    BBM - More at link:

    Ashley Lorene Parnell

    Location: Mabel Bassett Correctional Center
    Sentence Date: 04/16/2009

    Offense: 1st Degree Murder
    Sentence: Life

    1st Parole Hearing: 05/2016

    I'm confused on this parole thing. A number of articles stated that she would not be eligible for parole for 38 years, so why is she scheduled for a parole hearing in 5/2016?

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