Found Deceased OK, Veronica Butler 27 & Jilian Kelley 39, Vehicle Abandoned, Texas County, 30 Mar 2024 #4 *Arrests*

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*I’m having an incredibly hard time with this image. I was out yesterday and awoke to this triggering moment. Something about the committed look on her face in that vest. An image of Timothy McVeigh flashed before me and I immediately looked at the date… tomorrow will be so painful for all of us Oklahomans.
interesting - it seems that's not a thing in Oklahoma
Covenant marriage is a legally distinct kind of marriage in three states of the United States (Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana)
“According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, Oklahoma has the highest divorce rate in the nation. One out of every three currently married Oklahomans have been divorced,” said Brecheen, R-Coalgate. “Love is a choice. You don’t fall in and out of it accidentally. It’s something you have to work at every day and make a conscience decision to do whatever it takes to make the marriage work excluding cases of abandonment, adultery and abuse. Covenant marriage is an O-P-T-I-O-N for those who are serious about making a stronger life-long commitment than that of a traditional marriage.”

Cora also looked angry as all get out in her mug shot. IMO, I bet she is soooo angry at her daughter and angry at herself for trusting her daughter. Now add on a husband who can afford to hire his own legal representation while she has to take whatever she gets. Yep, she mad.

Respectfully snipped by me for focus...

What do we know about this DA?

When WR said his mother had LE in her pocket, I hope he wasn't including the DA.
Does Oklahoma have a sentence of life without possibility of parole?
9:42 a.m. Butler and Kelley's cell phones stop transmitting signals.

Three pre-paid cellular phones purchased by Adams were at the location of Butler's car at the time of Butler and Kelley's disappearance.

Good point.

Who was the fifth one for?

IMO, those three burner phones were to be distributed as-
One phone for Cora and Cole to share.
One phone for Tad and Tifany to share.
One phone for that guy who was named in the AA <modsnip - complaining/misunderstanding moderation on the thread>

The five stun guns were to be distributed as-
One for Cora.
One for Cole.
One for Tad.
One for Tifany.
One for that guy who was named in the AA <modsnip - complaining/misunderstanding moderation on the thread>
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This isn't a life you just up & leave. And not without someone noticing. Everybody knows everybody. Cattle = $$$. Land = $$$. It takes a lot to just walk away from those assets.
In the past I've ranch sat for a relative.
Let out the chickens out of the coop (top off their water, put out their feed)
Feed the horses and donkey, let them out in the pasture
Bottle feed a calf or two
Feed cats and dogs
Spread out cubes for cattle (they don't look appetizing but cows LOVE them)
Evening: repeat cycle and go out again to close up chicken coop at dusk, prepare feed buckets for horses and donkey for the next morning
And that was just for two horses, a donkey, two cats, two dogs, 10 chickens and 15 cows and however many calves. It wasn't unusual to make at least one call for the vet.

The Twombley's raised (quarter?) horses, cattle and blue heelers. That's a LOT of chores and mouths to feed on a daily basis. I feel so much for the Twombley daughter and the pain and chaos her parents have caused in her life. I'm assuming neighbors/friends have stepped in to make sure all critters are fed and cared for.

I guess we'll find out about Paul Grice at some point. Right now he could just be in the wind, laying low with relatives somewhere.
Possible he went to LE on his own and confessed because the murders were so horrible? Nah, probably not.
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Does TA's hair look like something she could have done herself? Since I'm not "fixy" I could never plait and fix my hair like that and just wonder if anyone can. I think I'll be very upset if we discover TA has access to a hairdresser.
Most likely she made a pal in the pokey that has good French braiding skills.
It seems that all 4 could afford good legal representation so I was wondering about all 4 being assigned public defenders. Maybe not wanting to spend up all they have for a defense when they know they won't win? But saving the money for what, when it looks like they won't get to use it anytime soon? Just curious about this. I expected at least TA to provide her own lawyer.
Anyone else have thoughts on this?
We don’t yet know if they plan to represent themselves <modsnip - no link>

I think it’s a bit early in the process to see how the representation issue will play out.

We also have been told by LE that the investigation is ongoing and we have no idea how long this process will play out.

There also is the potential issue of relatives of TA (also other co conspirators) having knowledge of the tragic plan. Did these folks simply have knowledge or was it potentially more than that? Imo the quote from WR paternal grandmother detailed in the AA was highly concerning and I don’t think it was just randomly included in the AA. All these issues need to be investigated and it will take time imo.

We’ve heard some basic info about “gods misfits” but is it a group that was on FBI or OSBI watch list and requires additional investigation? We don’t know the size of this group or its potential contacts outside of Keyes to other bad actors. Seeing how LE had officers on jail roof and drone in the air for the court appearances, it seems that they are taking all precautions to keep those arrested in jail and are being very cautious. The Sheriff of OK County admitted that they were being cautious because they “didn’t yet know what they were dealing with”.

It’s early days and LE continues to work hard imo.

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Yeah, same thing in a small Democratic precinct in another state; there were like 8 of us to choose the chair. I voted for my friend because he was the only one I knew, and he won 5-3 or something like that. So I don't think there's necessarily anything nefarious about how TA got elected.

Wouldn't rule it out, either...
But there are some public documents that do show her to be very loud and aggressive at GOP events at the State level..
so I think she was well known.
I'll try to find the newspaper article I read.
But for now state...MOO.
IS representative of her character.
Lately, I go to sleep at night thinking of the tragedy to V and J but mostly of those impacted by the horrible murders. Six children stained forever. A life partner left with memories and tears. A father left to solo raise four children. A grandfather left to raise grandchildren. A teenager who will always know her mother as a killer. Friends. The four will not again see the outside world. They will lose all financially. Lives changed forever...
According to ColeT's Facebook, Cole and Cora are in a Covenant Marriage which is something over and above a regular marriage.

Maybe Cole dumped Cora because of stepdaughter?
Did he say his and Cora's was a covenant marriage and not a legal, contractual one, or is he describing the difference between that & contractual? I didn't see him state specifically that they didn't have a legal marriage.
Did he say his and Cora's was a covenant marriage and not a legal, contractual one, or is he describing the difference between that & contractual? I didn't see him state specifically that they didn't have a legal marriage.
Covenant marriage is not recognized in Oklahoma. Only 3 states: Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana. So, I guess they are not legally married.
The pair were due to pick up Veronica's six-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son in Eva, Oklahoma, to celebrate her daughter's birthday, ABC 7 News reports. Jilian had traveled with her from Elkhart in Kansas but the expected 16-mile trip stopped three miles short.

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