Oktoberfest "Lost & Found" includes glass eye

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    Visitors to the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich left behind lost property including underwear, secret government papers and a glass eye.

    They were among 4,000 objects still in the Lost and Found office which also include prosthetic limbs, a set of false teeth with one tooth made of gold, and a shop window dummy.

    Hundreds of mobile phones, pairs of glasses, wedding rings and a wheelchair were also mislaid by visitors.

    The top secret papers related to a reform of legal laws in Bavaria - but officials gave no further details about the content.

    A Lost and Found office spokesman said: "The shelves are full, we would not have had any more room if the festival had gone on any longer."

    The Oktoberfest, the world's biggest festival, ended at the weekend and this year was remarkably trouble free.

    A drunken Austrian was hit by a train after walking into the tunnel on an underground station while looking for the toilet.

    The man was knocked flat by the train but escaped unhurt according to public transport officials, who said they were amazed that the man had come through the ordeal unscathed.

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    What kind of kinky romp was he in? Funny funny.

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