Old Beer + Smart Kids = Big Bucks

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    OSLO, Norway (AP) - Confronting a grocery store with its promise to pay shoppers a bonus if they found any products with expired freshness dates, two enterprising teens turned a 7,000 kroner ($1,331 Cdn) profit by loading up shopping carts with out-of-date beer they weren't old enough to buy.

    The boys, ages 14 and 15, got their reward despite being underage, the Oslo daily Verdens Gang reported Tuesday.

    To promote the freshness of its products, the Norwegian grocery store chain Kiwi offers to pay customers the retail price of any product they find that is past its best-before date.

    The teens, whose names were not released, started checking at a store on the outskirts of Oslo and found 280 cans of Carlsberg beer that were out of date. They promptly loaded the 0.5-litre cans into shopping carts Monday evening and demanded their reward from the cashier.

    Clerks at the store weren't sure what to do, since the boys were under 18, the minimum age for buying beer in Norway. They called their parents, and the police.

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