OR - 30 killers could win freedom years early under Oregon Supreme Court ruling

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    Thirty killers in Oregon, including some of the state’s most notorious, could get out of prison up to a decade early following a court ruling that rehabilitation trumps mandated prison terms.

    The convicts are serving life terms with minimum 30-year sentences for aggravated murder, including some double homicides.

    The state Supreme Court ruled recently that once the Parole Board finds an inmate fit for rehabilitation, it must move to release the prisoner regardless of the sentence imposed by a judge.

    The state Parole Board has already concluded the 30 killers can be reformed. Based on the Supreme Court ruling, parole authorities will start hearings in July that could lead to freedom. At such hearings, a possible release date could be set, but inmates then face one more step -– an exit interview hearing –- before they are cleared to leave prison.
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    Don't let them fool you, the state has no money to keep them. The feds are after them for not providing enough room for the mentally ill, so they need to transfer $$$ from somewhere, why not public safety?


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