GUILTY OR - Bruce Clevenger for attacking teen in road rage incident, Aloha, 2013

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    Oregon teacher accused of attacking teen in road rage incident

    "A local teen says he was sideswiped, and punched in the face. He then learned the stranger accused of attacking him is a local special-needs teacher.
    The encounter happened Thursday afternoon at Southwest Johnson Street and Southwest 200th Court in Aloha."

    "Alexander Hoang, 17, was driving home from school Thursday when he said someone started tailgating him in a 25 mph zone. He says the driver tried to make an illegal pass and then sideswiped him. Then the two pulled over at the side of the road."

    “He yelled at me ‘Are you trying to effing play games with me?’ Before I could say anything, he landed a couple punches to my face."
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    What in the world was this guy thinking? They did not know each other. Glad someone followed the teacher home so he was ID'd....don't agree with paid leave....he should have to do without his salary for a while and think about why he did this. A person with anger problems does not need to be teaching period, esp. special needs children.
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