OR OR - Daniel Hilkey, 38, Gold Hill, 22 Jan 1985

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    OR - OR - Daniel Hilkey, 38, Gold Hill, 22 Jan 1985

    Unsolved: Daniel Joseph Hilkey (1985)

    He disappeared one day from the family farm, as he was under investigation by the IRS for non-payment of taxes. A closer look by investigators found some documents that showed Hilkey may have been trying to create a false identity.

    With no closure in sight – the family hired a private detective in the hopes of finding any remains, so that the estate could be settled.

    Nothing was found – but the private detective concluded that foul play was the reason behind Hilkey’s disappearance, with the suspect being Hilkey’s brother – Charles Hilkey.

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    Photos of Daniel [​IMG] [​IMG] I think he skipped out to avoid prosecution by the IRS.

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