OR - Erin Reynolds, 16, raped & murdered, Beaverton, 21 Feb 1990

Discussion in 'Past Trial Discussion Threads' started by wfgodot, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Daily Mail:

    Man, 40, who brutally raped and strangled high school classmate
    24 years ago is released from prison amid victim's family's protests

    The story at link above.

    Whattaya think on this one?
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    Hmmm. Pretty heinous/vicious murder. 24 yrs. Prison-trained adulthood.

    Scary that he's on the street.
  4. newone

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    TOS doesn't allow me to express what I am really feeling about this one.

    Those eyes of his tell me volumes.....doesn't look well at all. I doubt he's received the kind of psych treatment that could have benefitted him..JMHO

    Hope that the victim's family stays safe.
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    Ummm, 24 years later, Erin Reynolds is still dead.
    Where do they get all the bleeding-hearts? If only parole board positions were volunteer... me! me!

    This is news in Atlanta. Both guys have previously served time for killing.

    Fulton DA says kidnapper-killers need to die for lifetimes of mayhem

    District Attorney Paul Howard said the two men killed at least seven people in Fulton County alone. Atlanta police expect to tie more unsolved murders to the two men.

    Gay, 40, had been paroled in January for another double murder, including a 17-month-old boy, in 1990; Wilson, 41, who had been paroled twice since pleading guilty in 1991 to manslaughter and armed robbery, had gotten out of prison in May 2013 on a firearms charge. He is also charged with murdering a man in drug-deal dispute in January.http://www.myajc.com/news/news/fulton-da-to-seek-death-penalty-in-couples-kidnapp/nhmGX/

    We should have a WS thread for paroled killers.

  6. wendybtn

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    When the state is lucky enough to catch one of these SKs before the age of 20, they need to have the courage to keep them in prison for their full sentence.

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