OR OR - Gwen Brunelle, 27, from Boise ID, Last Seen in Jordan Valley, 27 June 2023 *Car Found*

The shirt was found hung up on a lower strand of a barbed wire fence in the Dog Creek drainage. A member of Mountain State Detection Dogs spotted it.

The sheriff said a helicopter pilot volunteering his time flew over the area Friday, locating the boots.

Searchers found the boots and a pair of mismatched socks roughly a mile-and-a-half from where she left her car. The boots were stacked crisscrossed.

Brunelle was wearing the knee-high outdoor boots when she was recorded on a security video stopping at a Nampa service station after leaving home. She had left her Boise house wearing Nike tennis shoes, according to her boyfriend, Gerald Sanderson.

“We thought if she was bare foot, she wasn’t going to be far from those boots. It’s rocky and rough where the boots were,” Johnson said.

He said it’s possible she switched into the tennis shoes, which were missing from her car.
SEP 26, 2023
Tuesday marks three months since a Boise woman disappeared while on a road trip out of state.


The Malheur Enterprise reports on September 10, investigators found a t-shirt and this past weekend, a helicopter crew spotted boots and socks approximately a mile and a half from her vehicle, but no sign of Brunelle.
“We had a crew put on a bunch of miles hiking in that area where her boots and socks were discovered”, says Johnson. “Our thinking was if she had taken her boots off, she wouldn’t have gotten very far, because that ground is pretty unforgiving on the feet. But it turns out we think she may have had another pair of shoes with her.”
My question would be why do they think she had another pair of shoes? Just because they didn't find her dead nearby?

What about this case makes any sense that one would come to such a conclusion?
It's because when she left home she was wearing white Nikes. She is wearing boots in the convienence store footage, but now those have been found. The tennis shoes were not in her car and are presumably with Gwen.

  • June 26: Gwen Brunelle left Boise for a solo road trip to California.
  • June 27: Last known contact with Brunelle.
    • The last known contact anyone had with Gwen was at around noon on Tuesday, June 27, when she was spotted at the Sinclair Station in Jordan Valley, Oregon. She was traveling in a gray 2008 Honda Element with Idaho license plate 5WT6X.
  • June 30: Her vehicle was found.
    • Brunelle's vehicle was found deserted on Friday, June 30.
    • Succor Creek Road in Malheur County, Oregon, just half a mile off of the highway.
  • July 10: Police suspended their search.
    • The Malheur County Sherriff has confirmed that the search has been suspended.
  • Sept. 10: Two months later, a new clue emerged - the search for Brunelle is resumed.
    • On Sept. 10, a T-shirt belonging to Gwen Brunelle was found tangled in a barbed wire fence roughly 1.5 miles away from her abandoned vehicle - which investigators had located on June 30, four days after her disappearance. The car was found deserted at Succor Creek Road in Malheur County, Oregon, just half a mile off of the highway.
    • Dozens of Gwen's family and friends searched the surrounding area of Succor Creek, both on foot and by all-terrain vehicles. Horseback riders explored areas to the north, ATVs searched trails east of the highway and two miles south of Gwen's car - where her shirt was found at Dog Creek.
    • The website stated that the newfound clue encouraged leadership of Malheur County Search and Rescue to resume search efforts. An organized search is presumably scheduled for this weekend.

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