OR OR - James 'Nick' Leatherman, 44, Portland, 4 March 2015

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    "The family of a Portland man who abruptly left work and hasn’t been seen or heard from in more than a week are hoping you can help find him.James Nicholas Leatherman, who goes by “Nick,” was last seen at the Lloyd Center Doubletree around noon on March 4. He works as a purchasing supervisor at the hotel, where he’s been employed for 20 years.His brother, Kris Leatherman, said Nick went home from work sick on Tuesday, March 3. He showed up for work the next day, but left abruptly around noon and disappeared.“There’s just no contact whatsoever,” Kris said. “It’s just unnerving, I never thought it would happen to our family.”He didn’t know anything was wrong until Monday, when Nick’s boss called to say he hadn’t shown up to work in days. Nick wasn’t answering his cell phone or email, so Kris went to his Gateway area condo with police for a welfare check. Nothing was disturbed or missing as far as he could tell, but Nick wasn’t there.His family says he doesn’t have a car, and normally took the MAX from Gateway to the Lloyd District for work.Family members filed a missing persons report, and created a Twitter account and Facebook page to distribute a flier with his picture and description.“He was my best friend, and that’s what’s the hardest,” Kris added. “We don’t know if there’s foul play, we don’t know if he’s in trouble, so we’re doing what we can.”Portland police say there’s nothing suspicious about his disappearance at this point.Kris believes if Nick left work with some kind of medical emergency that day, somebody would have seen him or, at the very least, would have found him over the course of this last week.Family members checked local hospitals, but found nothing. They say while Nick struggles with anxiety, to completely disappear is totally out of character.“Nick, just contact me, man. If you’re in trouble, just let us know, we’ll be there for you,” Kris added. “If not, I will find you; I won’t give up.”If you saw Nick Leatherman after noon on March 4, call police."


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