Presumed Located OR - Maia Erica Miller, 19, ""Endless bummer Tattoo", Beaverton, 23 Sept. 2018

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Dec 26, 2010
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Maia Erica Miller
Nickname - "Maia Papaya"
Missing Since September 23, 2018
Missing From Beaverton, Oregon
NamUs MP # 52945
Age at the time of her disappearance 19-years-old
Height - 5' 6"
Weight - 110 lbs.
Hair - Brown / Maia does occasionally due her hair red
Piercing - Septum
Scar/Marks - multiple scars across her wrist
Tattoos - right forearm "Cat", Knee "Outline of a crescent moon", Thigh "everything is ok", Calf: "endless bummer", her NamUs file states she possibly has other tattoos that are not documented.

Maia was living in the streets of Bellingham for roughly ten days when her personnel belonging including her ID and glasses where stolen. On September 5th. Maia got on a train in Bellingham, Washington with a unknown male. She had contacted her sister and friend via a phone call trying to find a way back home to Beaverton, Oregon that last call was made on September 23rd. I was unable to to find any newspaper article detailing her case. I reached out to other Advocates to see if anyone was familiar with Maia's case I hope this case summary will help with locating Maia. She a young girl that is lost and scared. If you know her whereabouts please reach out to the proper authorities I have listed below.

Whatcom County Sheriff's Office
Detective Julie Baker
Agency Case Number 18A38088


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Apr 12, 2018
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Just listened to the Crime Junkie podcast on Leah Roberts, the missing girl from the early 2000's who also went missing from Whatcom Co. I actually got on here to find more information about her and stumbled across this.. now I have chills. WA - WA - Leah Roberts, 23, Whatcom County, 13 March 2000


I also just listened to the podcast (thanks for referencing it!), and I wonder if you might be onto something.

Both women were spending significant time outdoors—Maia had been living on the streets for ten days, and Leah had been on a road trip for almost a week. Both women were 5'6", weighed almost the same (110–130 lbs), and were almost the same age (19 and 23).

Leah had about $3,000 on her, according to the podcast, and although it's not specified if Maia had cash on her, she clearly wasn't homeless in the sense that she had no possessions or support system—she had an ID that was stolen, and she had family that could take her in.

The podcast suggests that a suspicious man seen in Leah's company moved to Canada shortly after questioning. According to Google Maps, the border is just about a 40-minute drive away. Bellingham, WA is right on I-5, giving easy access between both countries.

The only thing that concerns me is the 18-year gap between disappearances. But if it's the same person, he could've been incarcerated for some time in between. Or maybe he didn't stop, and any other missing persons cases haven't been linked yet.

I wonder if there are other similar cases along I-5, in both the US and Canada, between 2000-2018.