Found Deceased OR - Malina Nickel, 29, Shady Cove, 23 Nov 2016 *Arrest*

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    Wayman made his first appearance in court on Tuesday afternoon. When asked by the judge if he wanted an attorney or preferred to make a plea, Wayman promptly said that he wanted to plead guilty to both charges for murder and second degree abuse of a corpse, each felonies. However, a pointed question from the judge appeared to change his demeanor.

    "Sir, these are very, very serious matters . . . you're looking at life in prison. Do you want to see counsel before this?" Judge Laura Cromwell asked Wayman.

    Wayman hesitated briefly, then agreed to see a court-appointed attorney. He will remain in jail without the possibility of bail, with a grand jury hearing scheduled for November 14. The Jackson County District Attorney's office said that the grand jury outcome will determine the next court date.

    Meanwhile, detectives are continuing the investigation into events surrounding Destiny Finch's murder and the disposal of her body along Highway 227.

    "Detectives would like to hear from anyone who may have video footage that could assist in the investigation," JCSO said. "They are specifically looking for footage of the following roadways: Highway 62 from mile marker 18 to Highway 230; Highway 227 between Highway 62 and the Douglas County line; Highway 230 between Highway 62 and Highway 138.

    Shady Cove man accused in missing roommate's slaying

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