OR - Militia members occupy federal building in Oregon after protest #3

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I have been listening to some odd radio interview with Blaine Cooper. I can barely stand to listen, the interviewer is not very good but, a couple of things to note, he did say that the FBI gave them until 4 AM to exit, so it just backs up the part in the Fry video that Dr Know? posted above where Sean says they have until 4 AM.

Blaine seems very soft spoken, mentions his really bad childhood (wah, wah) and how he got into a lot of trouble which prevented him from joining the marines. He gave no details but I think even to join the Marines you have to be mentally fit. I was starting to have a bit of a soft spot for him until I heard him pronounce Refuge (as in Malheur Refuge) as refugee (as in ref·u·gee). I played it back three times thinking I must have heard it wrong! That's it, I am done with him. I have little tolerance for people who run around with guns, who think they have a right to takeover Federal property, and who are just so jaw-droppingly dumb.

I first heard "ref·u·gee" at about 55 mins and the 4am thing at about 1hr 5 mins. I am not going to listen to any more.

The thing I was listening to is at:

Michele Fiore in 2014

Not buying the blade of grass story, and a million armed Americans behind a million blades of grass couldn't do **** against air craft carriers and hundreds of fighter jets.

Once again I am compelled to ask - what's so funny 'bout peace, love, and critical thinking?


On Wednesday February 10 at about 5 PM PST, Dr. Know? posted this YouTube of an interview with the owner of The Narrows, a restaurant, rv park, gas station, that is on the highway south of Burns and 6 miles west of the refuge. It is the place that when a call went out to 'the militias' to make reservations and gather there for the coming weekend to faceoff with the Feds and attend III%er meetings and other activities (including a planned visit by Fiore) the owner backed down after allegedly receiving threats from 'birders' and others. The interview was on Monday but wasn't posted until a couple of days later.

In another window, I watched about 10 minutes of it at the time it was posted here, didn't like the woman much, and came back to WS to see what else was going on, when Octobermoon posted about a new livestream from the refuge (which proved to be the beginning of the end). Needless to say, all my attention went to the livestream.

I intended however to get back to the Narrows owner interview, which I finally did yesterday. I still don't like the woman much, but that is neither here nor there. What interested me was the woman who did the video. She calls herself Rocky Hall. She is also known as Roxanne Hall. She 'runs' the Oathkeepers of Shasta County (California) and she has a page at:


Although she has not been arrested, it seems there is some possibility she might be in the future. It turns out she was very active in and around Burns for a length of time. She partially documents her stay there in a video she made as she left the area and headed home to California.

In the video, She mentions "sergeant major" frequently which after some research I determined to be Sergeant Major Joseph Santoro (U.S.A. Ret.). He is the Oathkeepers National Operations NCO and says he was in Burns to assist with the Pacific Patriots Network.

Rocky talks about picking Victoria Sharp up from the Safeway parking lot where it is claimed the FBI dropped her after they let her go. Victoria supposedly told her her version of what happened with Finicum. And Rocky talks about picking up Mark McConnell a short time later at the same Safeway after the FBI let him go.

She talks about how at 2am on January 28, a couple of kida at the refuge wanted out and the Sergeant Major went to get them.

She was also at "The Bundy" and at "The Sugar Pine". Says the day the FBI went out to the refuge (Feb 10th?) that they hacked her and her partner's phones.

On Friday February 12th she went to see/hear Sheriff Mack. At 1600 hrs she found out that she did not have an arrest warrant out on her. The video in the car on her way home is Saturday the 13th.

She thinks the next activities against the BLM will be in Oklahoma and Texas.

I think she is someone to keep an eye on.

NOTE: Her driving home video was posted on Feb 17 at 5:51 PM
Am I missing something? How could Sandy Anderson not know she was free to go when the FBI relayed everyone could clear out by 4 a.m.? Did she not wonder why they were all leaving? That does not make sense.
Are they requesting they be tried together and the Court has to decide? I don't know how they can be tried all together when there are different charges for some of them. Unless they are just tried for the one charge of obstructing the Fed. Govmt. Employees from doing their jobs and then separately if they have other charges also. IDK
My understanding is that they are requesting to be tried all at once and it is up to the judge to decide if it will happen. I don't see how they can try that many at one time. The security for the courtroom alone would be hard to put in place. What a confusion it would be for the jurors to remember who did what.
Am I missing something? How could Sandy Anderson not know she was free to go when the FBI relayed everyone could clear out by 4 a.m.? Did she not wonder why they were all leaving? That does not make sense.

She knew, they all knew. If you watch the video I posted when Frye set up the youtube in the morning of the 27th, you will hear that they decided they weren't leaving & were going to make a stand. It starts before dawn them talking & continues on to the next video with more.

2nd video 1/27/16

[video=youtube;P-2gUXrzV6U]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-2gUXrzV6U&ebc=ANyPxKqEAIf8kdtXuequrScsm3TgkulXMJfWF8LJlInBNr QcZL_7uOYES8flqj-ZzRaQA4XiigRxrctGAfJHn8Swowg7ugJuIQ[/video]
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