GUILTY OR - Nickolas Vega for child pornography, Eugene, 2011

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    I always wonder what the story is when someone is charged with crimes in two states. Did he travel to Kentucky or did he trade child porn from someone there? I don't see any "matching" arrests in Kentucky. Possibly, it's still under investigation.

    Vega is so young--only 21. Yet, I'd be willing to bet lunch that this crime has been going on since he was able to access a computer. FWIW, Eugene is not in Josephine or Clackamas Counties. In fact it's quite a distance from both. The man must have gotten around.

    Eugene [OR] man, 21, gets 17 years for child porn
    July 25, 2011

    A 21-year-old Eugene man pleaded guilty to making child pornography and was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Nickolas Alonzo Vega pleaded guilty to 3 counts of Using a Child in a Display of Sexually Explicit Conduct. He pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain that resolves similar charges from crimes against victims in Josephine and Clackamas counties in Oregon and the State of Kentucky...."


    “Vega harmed children in both Oregon and Kentucky. We are happy to see him brought to justice,” said Attorney General Kroger...."

    More at link
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