OR OR - Pem Michelle Yates-Briggs, 15, Portland, 1970s

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
Amazing news! Based on the NamUs description, it should be easy to compare her to Valencia Jane Doe as Pem has a crooked front tooth. Of course, DNA is the preferable route.

It also says Pem has a cleft chin. I didn't initially notice it, but Valencia Jane Doe's reconstruction seems to depict a vague cleft chin too. I may just be seeing things, and I'm not sure if you can tell that from a skull.

I noticed some inconsistencies in the NamUs profile though. In the description it says 1973, the date says 1979, the thread title says 1977, but I've also seen 1978. What year was Pem last seen?
ya I let the detective know there was that mistake regarding the 1973, she was last seen between 1978-1979. And yes! I was coming on this website to update you all that Pem is finally in NamUs!
What good news! Could you pass the information on that Jane Doe here?
It's Valencia Jane Doe (UP4389), the case I've been researching since I joined WS.
Pem leaving to find her dad is reminiscent of Gwenn Story (Sahara Sue). I'm really hoping that Pem's case has a happier outcome than Gwenn's if she doesn't turn out to be Valencia Jane Doe.

However, with the time it's been since Pem was last known to be alive, I'm hoping she's found, even if she isn't alive anymore.

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