OR - Portland, BlkMale UP10582, 20-30, Columbia River @ Rose City Yacht Club, Apr'92

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    NamUs UP # 10582


    Case number 92-1095
    Date found April 25, 1992 14:40
    Date created September 04, 2012 18:24
    Date last modified September 05, 2012 04:04
    There is currently no local contact for this case.

    Case Manager
    Name Veronica Vance
    Phone 971.673.8300

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 30
    Minimum age 20 years
    Maximum age 30 years
    Race Black/African American
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) 170, Estimated
    Height (inches) 69, Measured

    Body Parts Inventory
    All parts recovered

    Body conditions
    Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction

    Probable year of death 1991 to 1992
    Estimated postmortem interval Months

    Location Found
    Address 1 Rose City Yacht Club
    Address 2 3737 NE Marine Drive
    City Portland
    State Oregon
    County Multnomah

    Circumstances of death
    The body of a young African American male was found floating in the Columbia River near the Rose City Yacht club on April 25, 1992. The man had been deceased for at least several weeks if not several months. He was wearing distinctive clothing and jewelry, please see clothing and accessories tab for details.

    Hair color Black
    Head hair Black, extremely curly
    Body hair Black, extremely curly
    Left eye color Unknown or Missing
    Right eye color Unknown or Missing
    No other distinctive body features
    Fingerprint information is currently not available
    Body was too decomposed to obtain friction ridge detail.

    Clothing and Accessories

    Clothing on body
    "BUGLE BOY" sweatshirt, black in color, size Large
    "NIKE" T-shirt, white in color.
    "LEVI" denim shorts, size 33 waist
    white athletic socks

    Clothing with body
    Footwear "REEBOK" shoes, black, size 11
    Jewelry Yellow-faced Mickey Mouse watch, Disney brand with a black plastic band
    Black belt with silver decoration
    woven metal neck chain, gold-colored

    Other items found with body
    Several keys on rings in his pocket: Scorpio keychain, U.S. Marine Corp keychain and two metal disks that are embossed with a "36" and a "33".
    Key chain also has a plastic thunderbird, turquoise in color, attached to it.
    Disks may be related to tokens issued to labor union members, or longshoremen union members.

    Dental information / charting is currently not available

    Comments Autopsy report states: "the maxilla and mandible are removed and kept separate from the body. These will be retained for future examination." Cannot find Sorenson's 1992 cases; will check with Dr. Swyter to see if she may have this case.

    Sample is currently not available
    Body was cremated without tissue samples collected. No DNA will be possible
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    No DNA possible. :(
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    I am hoping they are able to find the maxilla and mandible. They might be able to get a DNA sample if they did right?

    sniped from profile
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    No DNA possible? Seriously? That explains the lack of rule outs then :( I hope they find out the maxilla and mandible weren't cremated too. Also, why no recon/clothing pics? Surely they took pictures?

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