OR OR - Robert "Robbie" Altom, 30, Portland, 8 November 1982

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    Robbie Altom was found beaten and unconscious in Portland Oregon back in November of 1982. He died three days later from blunt force head trauma. The family was skeptical that the case would ever be solved but just this past week, authorities announced that they have identified the killer. Cecil Turner was a person of interest during the initial investigation but there was a lack of evidence to make an arrest. A witness recently came forward with information that conflicted previous stories.

    Detectives believe that Robbie was targeted due to his sexual orientation and have labeled the homicide a hate crime. Turner passed away in 2009 so he will not be charged. It is believed that he acted alone in the attack. The case is now closed.

    Cold case detectives solve 1982 hate crime murder of gay man; suspect is dead

    Cold case murder from 1982 solved; suspect died 7 years ago

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    So sorry for your loss. They say now there is no such thing as "closure". I believe that is true. Sending prayers to family & friends of Robbie.

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