OR - Ronald Schaffner for hidden camera in bathroom, Portland, 2011

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    How smarmy can you get? Does the humiliation and embarrassment get to these guys? Enough to keep them from doing it again? I can't determine just why he's a "former" attorney. I'm still checking. The last line of the article says it all.......

    And exactly how is Schaffner's computer video screening going to be monitored?


    Former Portland lawyer gets probation for filming women using his bathroom

    "A former Portland [OR] attorney pleaded guilty to secretly filming women in the bathroom with a hidden camera and was sentenced today to probation and ordered to undergo counseling. Investigators said as many as 15 women were recorded using the bathroom, including the shower or toilet. Among the women were his sister and daughter-in-law....."


    "....Ronald Kent Schaffner said he was willing to apologize to any victims who would accept the apology...."


    "....The judge then sentenced Schaffner to three years of probation for invasion of personal privacy, a misdemeanor. In addition to undergoing counseling, Schaffner must perform 120 hours of community service. He also cannot possess or view pornographic films...."

    more at link
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