OR - Sara Surgi, 23, Portland, 30 March 2016

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    Sara Elizabeth Surgi



    Age last seen: 23
    : White female
    Hair color:
    Long, dark brown, slightly wavy, past her shoulders. She usually wears it down but occasionally wears it on top of her head in a bun type style
    Eyes color: Blue
    Height: 64.0
    : 105.0 to 115.0
    Scars and marks:
    The last time she was seen she had stopped shaving her legs. Her natural body hair is dark. She has a north star tattoo on the inside of one of her forearms (not sure which one). She also has a tatoo with the name "Andrew" (for her grandfather) written in script on the inside of one of her wrists. I believe she has a pretty large tatoo on one her ankles but the appearance is unknown. There may be another tatoo as well. One piercing on each ear.
    Clothing and accessories:
    Sara often wears black and likes to wear clothing from the army surplus store; She likes to wear ankle height tie-up boots; She may have a short olive green jacket or a short black down jacket with a faux fur collar (Diesel brand).
    Transportation methods:
    Sara sold her car before she left; She has previously taken Amtrak or buses to travel around.
    Dental: Is available
    DNA: Sample is not available
    Fingerprints: is available elsewhere

    Sara left her sister's apartment in Chicago after a visit and none of her family have heard from her since. Her last known contact in Chicago was a friend who heard from her in August 2016. According to the friend she had been saving money to leave Chicago. She had expressed a desire to "live in the wild.” Prior to this time, Sara had gotten rid of her cell phone and number, her car, her computer and email address, and all other possessions. She was located in Portland, Oregon in October 2016. There have been no records of her location since that time.
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