OR OR - Sheron Cheney, 50, Jackson County, 23 July 1997

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    Originally posted by dreamweaver

    Sheron Kaye Cheney, murdered July 1997

    Dead woman's wounds suffered in fall from moving vehicle
    Evidence does not show whether she was forced out

    HYATT LAKE * An Idaho woman whose body was found last week died after she either fell or was thrown from a moving vehicle, a deputy state medical examiner said Tuesday.

    Sheron Kaye Cheney, 50, suffered blunt wounds and scrapes to her palms, feet, knees, neck and head, said Dr. James Olson.

    "Whether it's an accident or whether someone forced her to jump out of a vehicle, that is still undetermined," Olson said.

    Detectives are continuing to investigate the death, which they classify as suspicious. But police said they don't have enough evidence to call it a crime.

    Jackson County Sheriff's Sgt. Dewey Patten said detectives interviewed several witnesses and are awaiting the results of medical tests on Cheney including a toxicology report.

    "We may go back up there just to check some of the terrain, look at some of the maps," Patten said. "But I don't there are any big changes anticipated in the next few days."

    Cheney, of Nampa, Idaho, and her boyfriend, Glenn Keagle, of Caldwell, Idaho, visited Hyatt Lake on July 22.

    She and Keagle checked into a campground at the lake about 2 p.m. that day. She was last seen alive about 6 to 7 p.m., walking on the road between the campground and the Hyatt Lake Resort.

    A motorist found her body later than night on a dirt mountain road about a mile west of the lake.

    Olson said there was evidence that Cheney had been hit once on the backside. He said Keagle told police that he had hit her there.

    Olson said there was no other evidence of Cheney's being hit or beaten.

    "It's a difficult case and unusual," Olson said.

    Patten said deputies questioned Keagle about the death last week before he drove to his home.

    "He wanted to go back to Idaho," Patten said. "He wanted to go and there was nothing we had to keep him here."

    Reached at home Tuesday night, Keagle said he had known Cheney for about a year and that they were dating.

    "We were going to get married as soon as I got my pickup paid off," he said.

    He declined to say anything more about the death.
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