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OR - Snatched photos up skirt of 13 year old in store are 'not illegal'

Discussion in 'Crimes-Spotlight on Children' started by zwiebel, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. zwiebel

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    'An Oregon judge has ruled that a 61-year-old man did nothing illegal when he crouched in the aisle of a Target store and snapped photos up a 13-year-old’s skirt.

    It was lewd and appalling, but not outlawed, Washington county judge Eric Butterfield said.

    “From a legal point of view, which unfortunately today is my job to enforce, he didn’t do anything wrong,” the judge said on Thursday.'

    The accused man, Patrick Buono, 61, of Beaverton, Oregon, did not deny taking the photos. He hoped to capture some explicit images. Because the child was wearing underwear, the 'lack of nudity' helped him walk away from any charges.

  2. Vask

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    He was hoping for more, it's only a matter of time until he gets more. Could you imagine the ***** storm if he escalates and violates some little girl and they find out about him being let loose for this?

    I hope there's at least counseling or something.

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