OR - Sparkle Green, 33, Aloha, 10 Jan 2017

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    Sparkle Green, 33, was reported missing on Jan. 10 from the facility near S.W. Farmington Road and 209th Avenue, at around 5:30 p.m.

    Green has a developmental disorder which could cause her to engage in risky behaviors and not have the ability to care for herself.

    Deputies say they are worried because of the heavy snow. Green could be staying outdoors and be in danger due to the frigid temperatures and snowy weather conditions. Green has gone missing in the past and used public transportation to travel into downtown Portland. While there, she slept outdoors and did not properly care for herself.

    Green is described as a black female, 5-feet-8-inches tall, with a heavy build and braided black hair. She was last seen wearing a heavy blue coat, white sneakers, blue jeans, and her identification lanyard.


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