OR - Three Life Sentences Based On Junk Science

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    "The "bullet lead analysis" that was the prosecution's primary tool in an otherwise circumstantial case against Cannon has since been discarded as bad science. The FBI no longer uses it."
    "A former Oregon State University researcher in the university's Radiation Center provided the evidence now in question when he testified that tests showed bullets found at the crime scene matched those found in Cannon's garage. He told jurors there was only a 1 in 64 million chance of getting that match.
    Now Cannon and his legal team are finalizing his claim of "actual innocence" for next month's hearing in Marion County Circuit Court. They will present new evidence intended to show he was convicted primarily on faulty and discredited "junk science" called bullet lead analysis -- evidence so unreliable it has been abandoned by the FBI. This same evidence is also the main forensic tool prosecutors nationwide have used to convict hundreds of defendants, according to a joint investigation last year by The Washington Post and "60 Minutes."


    When I first heard about this case, I was immediately reminded of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald's case and the junk science used to convict him (FBI lab hair analyses). A hearing is scheduled for July 7th.

    (This case is in my top twenty list of likely wrongful convictions.)
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