OR OR - Vida Mae Hirschy, 54, Medford, 2 Dec 1984

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    Originally posted by dreamweaver
    Vida Mae Hirschy, 1984

    'snipped respectfully'

    Hirschy walked out of her Griffin Creek Road home in her bathrobe in December 1984 to get some firewood. The next year, her body, weighted with a lead pipe, was found just beneath the surface of Applegate Lake when water dropped to an unusually low level. Investigators said they have built a circumstantial case against her husband and still hope for a break that will enable prosecutors to consider charges
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    I just ran across this case that is local to me. There have been several updates on this case over the years. No prosecution. :(


    D.A. Huddleston was deciding whether to press charges against her husband.

    [FONT=&quot]Hirschy’s husband, Donald Leslie Hirschy, told investigators that he didn’t notify police of her absence because she’d left him so many times in the past. [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Donald Hirschy later served more than five years in federal prison on weapons charges. He was found riding in the trunk of a car in 1989 with two illegally altered guns and a homemade silencer made from a lawnmower muffler. Prosecutors said he was trying to kill a Medford woman he had dated.[/FONT]


    Investigators examined the saw cuts on the pipe used to weight Vida under the water of Applegate Lake.



    As of 2008 Hirschy was living in a rest home and the D.A. declined to prosecute him because of age-related mental deficiencies. He could not understand the charges or remember the crime.


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