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Original 'Easy Rider' chopper sells for $1.32m at auction. Or did it?

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by zwiebel, Oct 19, 2014.

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    The iconic Harley Davidson chopper from the movie 'Easy Rider' sold for $1.35 million Saturday night. But the sale of the chopper, known as "Captain America", has angered Texan Gordon Granger, who says he purchased the real Captain America back in 1996 and still has it.

    Granger says Dan Haggerty sold him his bike for $63,500 and he has the signed certificate to prove it. But Haggerty -who was also recorded as the restorer of the chopper just sold at auction - now says the certificate of authenticity he signed then was false.

    The auction chopper was sold by Michael Eisenberg. He says he bought it from motorcycle dealer John Parham - who had purchased it from Haggerty.

    Writer and co-star of Easy Rider Peter Fonda has been dragged into the mess too, as he once authenticated the auction chopper at the request of Haggerty, signing the gas tank. He retracted that authentication in an interview with The Times this week, saying Haggerty misled him and: "There's a big rat stinking someplace in this."

    The full, convoluted and crazy tale of Captain America can be found at the LA Times link below. It does full justice to the crazy tales surrounding the making of the original, 1969 movie, whose other star, Dennis Hopper, also had an 'eventful' life, before his death in May 2010.

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