Our Experience with bullying.

Discussion in 'Bullies and Stalkers' started by redkatrampant, Jun 30, 2010.

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    This past school year I removed my 12 year old from her middle school ( she was then 11) She is a bright child ( not just my bias but proven) who had a close knit circle of friends or so it seemed. A few girls in one of her classes decided that they were lesbians. At 11. They decided they had a crush on my daughter. And they proceed to grab at her body parts when she rebuffed them.
    I tried to speak to various members of the School Administration and BOE.

    While this was occurring, they all spread some nasty rumors about my child and her *friends* turned on her. I know girls can be mean but this was VICIOUS.

    It was not until I withdrew her and filed charges against the school and the girls that anything was done. Then they had the nerve to ask me to bring her back so it would reflect better on their standardized testing.
    She is now being homeschooled. She gets socialization through church, martial arts and a few decent friends.
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