PA PA - Cherrie Mahan, 8, Cabot, 22 Feb 1985

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DNA Solves
A couple details worth discussing.

1. Cherrie claimed someone was watching her through her window and switched her bedrooms when they moved to Cornplanter Rd. A lot of kids have vivid imaginations. But I thought this was definitely worth mentioning. That would lean to the theory of a local pedo. Apparently she lived with her grandma before Cornplanter Rd. So maybe that became obsessed with her. at her previous address Someone that was not happy about her moving.

2. Janice and her husband chased down the bus that day and made sure she got off. This was never mentioned before I don't believe.

3. Janice doesn't believe the van was involved. Thinks it was the other car that was seen at the bus stop (blue car). Still begs the question, why would a van with a skier emblem be traveling down Cornplanter Rd? It's not a road you just travel down without a purpose.

I wish more details were released to the public like this. Why did it take 39 years for these details to come out? It's like every year, they release another small detail. This case continues to get more frustrating. Just release the details and get people talking.
Is this the first you have read about Cherrie claiming someone was watching through her window and switched bedrooms?
This is the first I have heard of it.

I agree with you and wish the would release more details. Her case has haunted me for 39 years!
Yes. That's the first I've heard that. And yes. What do they have to lose with releasing more details like this? If the police believed it was a local pedo though, wouldn't they be digging up potential burial sites in Cabot? I've only heard of a dig done in 2014 off Winfield Rd. Address was never released. Here's the article:

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Police investigating woman claiming to be Cherrie Mahan, who was last seen in Butler County 39 years ago

. Now state police are investigating after a woman posted on social media claiming to be Cherrie Mahan.

Last month, the woman posted her claim in a Facebook group. The family doesn't believe her, but state police are working with an out of state agency to positively identify the woman making the claim.
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Multiple officers have worked the case over the years, chasing down tips and leads, including three previous claims from women saying they were the missing child.

The latest claim would be the fourth to be made public over the years, Pennsylvania State Police told Newsweek on Tuesday. Authorities are now working with an out-of-state agency to identify the woman making the recent social media post.

"We are investigating this woman's claim to be Cherrie Mahan and are currently working with an out-of-state agency to identify her," Lieutenant Adam Reed said in a statement.

"The out of state agency has not yet made contact with her based on the contact information she provided. The investigation continues."
Never understood why people feel a need to do stuff like this. Are they really that desperate for attention or is there some psychological disorder they have?
This even made the NY Post


Woman claims to be Cherrie Mahan, 8-year-old Pa. girl who vanished from bus stop in 1985​

Story by Allie Griffin
• 10h • 2 min read
Awoman is claiming to be long-lost Cherri Mahan, a missing Pennsylvania girl who was dropped off by her school bus in February 1985 and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

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This case continues to frustrate Janice it sounds like. You can definitely feel her frustration in that last quote in the article.

“I wish that we [every investigator who has looked into Cherrie’s case] could all get together and sit and talk,” McKinney said. “There’s something somebody missed somewhere, and somebody knows.”

If PSP believes that it's Cherrie's neighbor when she lived in Saxonburg, then why haven't there been digs in and around that property? If they believe the bio dad was involved, why aren't they making his life a living hell and questioning his associates all the time? Did he ever take a lie detector? It just feels like so much more could be happening. Whoever their suspects are, there needs to be more pressure put on.
She explained to the Butler Eagle that she does not believe this woman is her daughter, saying: “I truly believe she thought in her mind that she was Cherrie. It did not look anything like Cherrie at all.”

McKinney went on to condemn the woman, saying: “People are mean, they are cruel, but this affects me really crazy. It’s gonna be 40 years since Cherrie’s been missing.”

She added: "This just hit me different. I didn’t even see it. Someone called me and told me about it.”

The mom also posted into the Facebook group to request that people be sensitive with how they post there, writing: "I talked to the police, they are investigating. This is very hard on me so please be aware I see everything."
Ugh, another Delia Cly, or that guy who said he had dated FLEK and had pictures, but wouldn’t show them. These people cause much pain. Hopefully DNA can resolve it either way.
Why do they do this? it' is so easliy disprovable, unlike the Anna Anderson / fake Romanpvs era.
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Why do they do this? it' is so easliy disprovable, unlike the Anna Anderson / fake Romanpvs e

Why do they do this? it' is so easliy disprovable, unlike the Anna Anderson / fake Romanpvs era.
I dunno. Some people like attention, even if it is for a bad reason. At least with DNA testing available few are claiming to be Elvis’s child or a lost prince any more.
I came here to comment on this latest development, which I just read ten minutes ago, and it looks like we've already got a good conversation going on here regarding it.

It's sick to see people doing this for attention, but keep in mind, they could actually have a mental condition that is causing it. I only hope the person claiming to be Cherie gets the help she needs--and, of course, hope that the truth comes out for the sake of everyone.
I sadly note that in some of the audio and visual media coverage of the imposter that Cherie's name is mis-pronounced as per perennial - the real girl and her family used and use "Cherry" not "Sharree".
Am I understanding this right? She claimed on social media to be said person? Is it possible she did so for the attention online, not expecting LE to be involved? Didn't expect it to gain public traction, just attention in her small orb?
Most people don't go to uni even today - the uni educated are not the average person (the obhective mean of an ordinary person). It's likely she didn't know the nuances -- but again it could be the imposter's age factoring in -- if she was the real Cherrie's age, it would be unlikely that she would have been so computer illiterate - Cherrie would have been, like the rest of the Xennials and the early millenials, the pioneer generation of the WWW.

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