PA - Deaths of Sewer Workers - Aldan Boro >> Delaware County - Thursday, 11 July 2019

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    - Aldan Borough, Delaware County, Pennsylvania -
    - Deaths of Two Sewer Workers -
    - Thursday, 11 July 2019 -

    Daniel Cleaver
    Matthew DiSands, 20

    Autopsy Possibilities:
    Cause of Death :: Asphyxiation
    Manner of Death :: Accidental
    Mechanism of Death :: Hypoxia

    1B)) CBS TV-3:
    2 Sewer Workers Die After Passing Out In Manhole In Delaware County

    2)) "What Makes Manholes So Lethal?"
    What Makes Manholes So Lethal?*

    3)) Googleâ„¢ Supplements & Updates:

    causes of sewer worker deaths - Google Search

    *4)) Some Types of Sewer Gases:
    Carbon Monoxide
    Hydrogen Sulfide

    DA = District Attorney
    Hypoxia = Reduced Oxygen to the Brain
    ME = Medical Examiner
    NIOSH = National Institute Of Safety & Health
    OSHA = Occupational Safety & Health Administration
    TOX = Toxicology Tests

    Our Support To All.
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    How tragic! :(
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    "The two men who died working in a manhole Thursday morning - two young, promising lives lost far too soon - are being remembered throughout the area.

    Compliments from law enforcement officials, school personnel and friends started to fill social media after the sudden deaths of Matthew DiSands, 20, of Prospect Park, and Daniel Cleaver, 28, of Norwood, as they worked on a sewer line in Aldan as contractors for Glenolden-based A to U Services Inc."

    Community remembers 'Bucs' killed in manhole accident
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