PA - Fire Official for 395K Felony Theft+ :: Northampton County - 1 Jan 2009

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    Fire Official for 395K Felony Theft+ :: Northampton County - 1 Jan 2009


    Agnes Helen Patterson :: White / Female / 52 Years Old :: 09/28/1964

    Northampton County is in Eastern, PA.



    Lower Court Docket:


    395K = $395,000 U.S. Dollars

    EMS = Emergency Medical Services
    ROR = Released on Own Recognizance :: No Bail Required
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    Interesting timing re this:
    (see other thread Richrd started tdy re embezzlement in other PA volunteer org. )

    "Agnes Patterson, the longtime treasurer of the Dewey Fire Company, [since 2002] said she "...after admitting to stealing more than $395,000 from the Hellertown company by using credit and debit cards....authorities say.Patterson, 51, of Hellertown is charged with felony counts of theft, access device fraud and misdemeanor charges of misapplication of entrusted property after a monthlong investigation by a Northampton County grand jury."
    "Patterson was "removed" from her position as treasurer in July, authorities say, during an investigation that began with an audit of Dewey's finances."
    "In October, Dewey Fire Company President Michael Malone testified before the grand jury about an audit of fire department finances that had been conducted several months earlier."

    sbm bbm
    Nov 16.

    As someone commented re mcall article:
    " You wonder how much this sort of stuff goes on at other fire companies or small organizations where there is little oversight." bbm
    Sadly, ime, a lot more than many would think.

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