PA - Geoffrey H Campbell - W/M/71 - RSO / Registered Sex Offender Absconder*

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    Geoffrey H. Campbell - W/M/71 -
    RSO / Registered Sex Offender Absconder*
    NamUs MP 37612 - Chester County - 5 Jan 2017

    Wanted Defendant:

    Geoffrey Hastings Campbell

    White / Male / 71 Years Old
    DOB / Date of Birth - 09/25/1945

    Lots More Details in below Bolded Link


    Geoffrey H Campbell, 71

    Chester County is in South-Eastern, PA.

    Possible Vehicle Description:

    2015 Silver Subaru Forester
    Compact Sport Utility Vehicle -- PA Plate: JRJ-7950


    2)) National missing & Unidentified persons system:

    Tier 3 Offenders require Lifetime Registration.

    Upper Court of Common Pleas Docket Sheet:


    Twenty Pages

    *Absconder = a Fugitive who Runs Away
    or Hides to Avoid Arrest / Prosecution
    DOB = Date of Birth
    PSP = Pennsylvania State Police
    RSO = Registered Sex Offender
    SUV = Sport Utility Vehicle

    B)) A$ Alway$ :: PA Crime$topper$
    Anonymou$ Reward :: 1-800-4PA-TIPS
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    I had to see this 71 year old RSO. Unfortunately, he looks younger than his stated age. Clean cut, neat. Like a wonderful grandpa.
    So dangerous.

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