GUILTY PA - James Crawford, 28, & Rachael Witt, 15, killed in DUI crash, 21 May 2012

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    Smoking a synthetic brand of pot called "Deadman" turned tragically true for a Montco motorist.

    Roger Malloy aged 27 was flying high when he crashed his car killing Rachel Witt aged 15, and James Crawford aged 28. Malloy was with his brother and the victims when he purchased K2 at the Achi Store in Pottstown. An undercover cop went to the store the day after the crash and asked to purchase the drug the clerk pulled it from a hidden location. Mohammed Himed owner and store clerk Rafie Ali were charged with drug offenses.

    Malloy told police after smoking minutes before the crash it made his heart race, blurred his vision and felt as though he was having an asthma attack.

    After the crash Malloy and his brother pulled Witt, Crawford and a third man from the vehicle before fleeing on foot. Left these poor people to just die while they took off.
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