PA PA - Jerome Coonon, 2, Tamaqua, 29 April 1937

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    I searched and searched and did not see any posts for little Jerome. I grew up in this area and this case always bothered me.

    Jerome Coonon was last seen in his grandparents' backyard in Tamaqua, PA on April 29, 1937 at about 4:45pm. He wandered around the yard, apparently stopped to say hello to a neighbor, and then vanished. The family came outside to bring him in for dinner and he was gone.

    Tamaqua is right in the middle of "coal country" and at this time there would have been a bunch of coal mines for a toddler to fall into. There were extensive searches of wooded areas and nearby dams and pools. Nobody ever found out what happened to Jerome.
    This article spells Coonon with an "a", but a later article with Jerome's sister in it corrects the spelling to Coonon.

    The article above from August 2011 has an interesting interview with Jerome's sister where she describes their family and family life and how their family believes little Jerome was kidnapped.

    Then in 2012 on the 75th anniversary of Jerome's disappearance the possible last man to see him alive did an interview with the newspaper. George Fredericks was one of the boys playing basketball near the rear of the residence. This is the neighbor mentioned earlier. Snipped from this article:

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    I realize that 80 years have passed. I just wonder with our technology, like underwater drones, if we could find any evidence below this town?

    Perhaps the town could do a GFM to gather funds? Ahhh, wishful thinking. MHOs as always.
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    Probably his remains are still trapped underground

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