Found Deceased PA - Joshua Z Luo, 20 - Delaware County - Friday, 22 Mar 2019

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    Pennsylvania -
    Joshua Z. Luo, 20 -
    Rose Valley >> Delaware County -
    Friday, 22 March 2019 -

    Joshua Zhixiang Luo
    Asian / Male / 20 Years Old
    ____ Eyes :: _____ Hair
    _' __" :: ___ Lbs.

    *May be Driving a White 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek - Premium
    Four Door
    PA Rear Vanity Plate: LZJV333
    *Vehicle Identification Number may end in 96603*

    ??? Joshua's PennDot Driver's License Duplicate ???

    Rose Valley, Delaware County is in South-Eastern, PA.
    Day Three

    1)) Lehigh Valley Live:
    20-year-old college student reported missing

    2)) PA State Police - Media:

    (484) 840-1000
    Trooper L. McIlvaine
    [Report Number: PA-19-360938]​

    3)) Google Supplements & Updates:
    Joshua Zhixiang Luo - Missing - PA - Google Search

    Pennsylvania Missing and Unidentified©:

    * Reg-to-VIN Cross References:
    License Plate Lookup | Search for Free
    5B)) Free License Plate Number Lookup |

    6)) Others Missing in Pennsylvania:
    Missing Persons Discussion

    Check Back Package:

    A)) (Lower) Municipal District Judge Court Docket:
    Magisterial District Judge Docket Sheet

    B)) (Upper) Court of Common Pleas Docket:
    Common Pleas Docket Sheet

    C)) Philadelphia Municipal Court:
    Municipal Court Docket Sheet

    D)) State-by-State Incarceration: VINELinkS:
    Checked: DE, MD, NY, & PA on 24 March

    E)) NamUs:
    National missing & Unidentified persons system:
    Missing Persons Search
    Example would be # MP 562 _ _

    BOLO = Be On the Look-Out
    LE = Law Enforcement
    MSM = Main-Stream Media
    PennDOT = Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation
    PSP = Pennsylvania State Police
    Reg = [REDGE'] = Registration -- License Plate
    VIN = [VINN'] = Vehicle Identification Number

    A$ Alway$ :: PA Crime$topper$
    Anonymou$ Reward :: 1-800-4PA-TIPS

    Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers

    Stock Photos of Possibly-Similar Subaru:

    White, 4 Door ::: ©David Taylor

    White 4 Door ::: ©David Taylor​

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    This one is close to me. Joshua’s sister is in my daughters Physics class (High School). My daughter just got home from school and told me that the sister was called out of class today by her mother. The assumption is that there is some news regarding Josh. No idea yet if good or bad. Looks like tomorrow will be a week. I’m curious what he is doing home right now if he attends college in New York? Perhaps Spring Break.

    If I had to guess I would suspect self harm. This is just my own opinion from being on Websleuths, seeing that he has an Anxiety Disorder and my awareness of how mental illness often plague college age kids. My daughter also said she thinks that the car was found. I don’t know.

    20-year-old college student reported missing

    A 20-year-old man took his father’s SUV, wallet and a bottle of Tylenol before being reported missing Friday, Pennsylvania State Police said.

    State police in Media, Delaware County said Joshua Zhixiang Luo of Rose Valley, Delaware County was last seen at 1:30 p.m. Friday. Luo, a Rochester, New York college student, is believed to have left in his father’s white Subaru Forrester between the last time he was seen and 6:30 a.m. Saturday. The Subaru displays Pennsylvania registration LZJV333.

    Investigators checked area hospitals in search of Luo, who police said suffers from anxiety disorder. The college also has been notified, police said.

    Luo is not believed to have any friends or people he could be staying with in the area. Those with information on Luo’s whereabouts are asked to call Pennsylvania State Police in Media at 484-840-1000.
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    That’s awful. Thanks for finding that. Poor kid and his poor family
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    Prayers for this young man and his family. So sad, hoping they have strength to find peace. So so sorry for the loss of this young man, had his whole life ahead of him. Heatbreaking
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