PA - Judge Dwight Shaner for fixing DUI case, Fayette County, 2011

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    Former Judge Dwight K Shaner :: W/M/71 :: Perjury+ :: Fayette County

    Dunbar, Fayette County, is in South-Western, PA.

    27 Page pdf Charging Statement:,d.aWw

    [The Hit-Run Driving Under the Influence Case that Started the Situation: ]

    Your One-Click Source* Of Upper Court:

    ChargeS --- Bail --- MotionS --- Scheduled Court DateS ---

    Verdicts --- Sentencing --- Payments --- Follow-Up --- Appeals

    *Upper Court Criminal Docket Sheet:

    18 § 4902 §§A (F3) :: Perjury

    18 § 5105 §§A5 (M2) :: Hinder Prosecution - False Information To Law Enforcement Officer
    18 § 5101 (M2) :: Obstruct Administration of Law / Other Government Function

    Grades of PA Crimes:

    H1 = Heinous of 1st Degree; H2
    F1 = Felony of 1st Degree; F2; F3
    M1 = Misdemeanor of 1st Degree; M2; M3
    S = Summary

    *"Recent Entries made in the Court Filing Offices may not be
    immediately reflected on these Docket Sheets..."
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    This thread isn&#8217;t a fresh one but couldn&#8217;t stop myself from commenting here as I know this is quite a norm. My dad has worked for some time with a Los Angeles DUI attorney and he often told me how this all gets settled in the lieu of lack of evidence.

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