PA PA - Kenneth Edward Ulrich Jr, 39, Altoona, 2017

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    The Altoona Police Department is searching for a missing person.

    Kenneth Edward Ulrich Jr. was recently reported missing by his family.

    Ulrich’s immediate family has not had any contact with him in 2 years.

    He has not been active on any social media accounts nor does he have any record of recent employment.

    Anyone with any information on his whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Strobel at 814-949-2564 or send a private message to the Altoona Police Department Facebook Page.

    Altoona Police are searching for a missing person
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    Kenneth E. Ulrich Jr, 39
    Blair County

    Kenneth Edward Ulrich, Jr.
    White / Male / 39 Years Old
    _' __" :: ___ Lbs.
    Brown Eyes
    ____- Length, Brown Head Hair
    ____- Length, Brown Facial Hair
    Born: 14 March 1980


    Altoona, Blair County is in South-Western, PA.

    1)) We Are Central PA:
    Altoona Police are searching for a missing person

    2)) Altoona Police:
    Altoona Police Department - Altoona, PA
    (814) 949-2564

    3)) Google™ Supplements & Updates:
    Kenneth Ulrich - Missing - PA - Google Search

    4)) Pennsylvania Missing and Unidentified:
    Pennsylvania Missing Persons

    5)) Others Missing in Pennsylvania:
    Missing Persons Discussion

    Check Back Package:

    A)) (Lower) Municipal District Judge Court Docket:
    B)) (Upper) Court of Common Pleas Docket:
    C)) Philadelphia Municipal Court:
    D)) State-by-State Incarceration: VINELinkS:
    E)) NamUs:
    National missing & Unidentified persons system:
    Missing Persons Search
    Checked Nationwide on 25 June

    BOLO = Be On the Look-Out
    LE = Law Enforcement
    MSM = Main-Stream Media

    A$ Alway$ :: PA Crime$topper$
    Anonymou$ Reward :: 1-800-4PA-TIPS
    Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers

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