PA - Latasha Cherry, 31, East Germantown, 3 Feb 2013

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    Latasha Cherry's body was found one-quarter mile from the Rufe Street lot where Candace Holmes' body was found less than a year earlier, in May 2012. Both were strangled and wrapped in either a sheet or blanket.

    Cousin says body found in East Germantown lot was 31-year-old mother of five
    April 22, 2013
    By Brian Hickey @GTownWOLane

    Latasha Cherry was 31

    Cherry, a mother of five, was reported missing on Feb. 3 after an altercation at a bar in her neighborhood, said her cousin Tiffaney Hobbs.

    Just after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers called to the 5200 block of Magnolia St. discovered a body "wrapped in a blue blanket, tied with rope from head to toe," according to police.

    A witness told NewsWorks that she noticed a man acting suspiciously near the lot, which abuts a residential neighborhood, four days earlier.

    "They told us an anonymous caller told police that her body was there," Hobbs said Monday morning, noting that the family had plastered the neighborhood with missing-person fliers since Cherry went missing. "They said there was no foul play, but Tasha didn't take her clothes off, wrap herself in a blanket or carpet and tie it around her.[HR][/HR]What Happened Next: Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit Lt. Norman Davenport told NewsWorks that while investgators know Cherry wasn't killed at that lot, further details have been difficult to come by.

    "There is no motive, or angle that we're pursuing at this point," he said, noting that pinning down an exact time for when the victim was fatally strangled has been difficult, too.

    Cherry's cousin, Tiffaney Hobbs, said that the family has heard from detectives a couple times but nothing came of it.
    "It's more than frustrating. This is a person's life that was taken," she said.

    Cherry's children "are OK. They're getting older, but I don't think the youngest one realizes what happened." (Brian Hickey)
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