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    PHILADELPHIA The voice on the other end of the call that startled Eileen DiFrancesco awake that awful night three years ago belonged to a stranger......

    "Your daughter's been shot," the stranger said. "They took her to Einstein.".....

    The Upper Dublin couple only knew that their daughter, Leslie Delzingaro, had an appointment for her decorative lighting business that night with an Olney bar owner.

    They did not know that while she sat waiting inside J.J.'s Lounge at Second and Duncannon Streets, a masked gunman had burst in and opened fire at two men at a table by the door.

    Delzingaro, 45, a mother of two teenage sons, died when a stray bullet pierced her heart.......

    Three years later, the DiFrancesco family says it is still waiting for so many answers in Leslie's death - a nightmare, they say, compounded by the involvement of Homicide Detective Ron Dove, who was the lead investigator until October. That's when the Police Department began investigating whether Dove concealed information in three homicides, including Delzingaro's, and a man's disappearance.......

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    Ex-Philly homicide detective pleads guilty to helping girlfriend flee murder charge
    From April 2017

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