PA PA - Lonene Rogers, 29, deaf, Hayfield Township, 7 Jan 1981

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    I ran a search here and did not find this woman in our forums, if I some how overlooked it, Mods feel free to merge to correct thread or delete if need be.

    Lonene Ray Rogers Missing Deaf Woman
    since January 7, 1981 from Hayfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania

    Vital Statistics
    Date Of Birth: October, 18, 1951
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 29 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'5"; 140 lbs.

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    If the husband was not involved, do you think she was hit by a car? Her coat was missing, so assuming she went for a walk to calm down after the argument, and since a snowstorm hit that night, maybe a car struck her and her body was thrown into a ravine or area where it was never found. Or the driver panicked and took the body. If the snow was coming down heavy and she wasn't very visible, she would never have heard a car coming (being deaf) and could have been struck.
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    Lonene Ray Rogers
    Pennsylvania State Police

    Rogers was last seen at her Little Corners home, 10 miles northwest of Meadville, in Hayfield Township, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1981. That night there was a severe snowstorm.

    Police report that on the night of RogersÂ’ disappearance she had an argument with her husband. Mr. Rogers told police he awoke during the night. When he didn't see his wife, he assumed she was sleeping on the couch. When he got up in the morning her boots, jeans, and coat were gone. Her purse, hearing aid, and car keys were left behind. In addition, her two children who were ages one and six years also remained at home. Mr. Rogers was not initially worried and did not contact police right away. Police further state that her husband fully cooperated with the first investigation and while he has never been ruled out, he is not a suspect either.
    None of her close friends or relatives have had any contact with Rogers since the day of her disappearance. Also, there has been no activity for her Social Security number.
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    Lonene Ray Rogers, W/F/29, Deaf, Crawford County, 7 Jan 1981

    Lonene Ray Rogers :: White / Female / Now 64 Years Old

    5' 5" :: 140 Lbs.

    Hayfield Township, Crawford County, is in North-Western, PA.

    Day 12,892:

    Doe Network:


    National missing & Unidentified persons system:

    National Crime Information Center :: NCIC # M-361503217

    A Recent Age-Progression Suggestion:

    A$ Alway$ :: PA Crime$topper$
    Anonymou$ Reward :: 1-800-4PA-TIPS

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